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How is armlift surgery conducted? Who is a good candidate?
The patients who lose too much weight, and the ones whose skin becomes loose as they age and who experience flaccid on their arms are the most suitable people for armlift surgery. After liposuction from the arms, the excess skin is excised and it is closed tightly.

How long does armlift surgery last? Is anaesthesia required? What should the patient do after the surgery?
The operation lasts nearly an hour and it is conducted under general anaesthesia. The patient does not need to stay in hospital. Bruises or swelling which last between 8 or ten days may occur. Specially desinged corsets are worn on the arms. The patient is given a one-week antibiotic treatment.
Can the loose skin on the arms be treated without surgery?
If the loose skin on the arms is at an advanced level, it is not possible to treat them without surgery. If the loose skin is low or middle level, losing weight and exercise may help.

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