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Buttocks Aesthetic

Who are the appropriate candidates for buttocks aesthetics and what are the surgery options?

The people whose buttocks volume is not adequate and whose buttocks have a flaccid appearance are the appropriate candidates for buttocks aesthetics. The applications to be conducted to the patients are decided together with the patient. In some cases, only fat injection may be applied whereas in other cases it can be supported with prothesis. Buttocks uplifting is necessary for the ones whose flaccid appearance is in an advanced level.
Is fat injection enough for buttocks augmentation ?

Whether the patient has adequate fat, or not is identified during the patient’s examination. If the patient has enough fat and if the buttocks is not too small, fat injection may be enough.

Does fat injected to the buttocks survive and does the buttocks turn back to its previous condition? What should be done to make the fat survive?

The fat injected to the buttocks disappear by time. This is inevitable because some of the fat injected to the buttocks will not be nourished there. However, a considerable amount of it is permanent. The quantity of the fat which will be permanent is affected by several factors. Some of the precautions to be taken to make the fat permanent could be not smoking, not applying pressure on the buttocks and not wearing tight clothes.

What should the patient pay attention to after the buttocks prothesis surgery?

The patients who have buttocks prothesis surgery should not sit on their buttocks for a few days. Hygiene is important. The patient should not have a shot on the hips for life.

How long does buttocks augmentation surgery last? Does the patient need to stay in hospital after the surgery? Is there a scar after the surgery?

Buttocks augmentation is an operation which lasts 1 hour. It is conducted under general anaesthesia. The patient should stay in hospital for 1 night. The scar is hidden in the intergluteal area and it is not noticeable from outside.

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