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Genıtal Aesthetics(Labıoplasty)

What is labioplasty? Who is an appropriate candidate? How is the surgery process?

Labioplasty is a type of operation which treat the cosmetic and functional problems caused by the extension of the women’s external genital organs. It is usually conducted under local anaesthesia and lasts about 45 minutes. The patient does not have to stay in hospital.

What should the patient who has lapioplasty operation be careful about? Is there a scar after the surgery?

In labioplasty, the inner labia are contracted and reshaped. Absorbabla stitches are sutured onto the inner parts of the inner labia, but these stitches are not seen from outside. The patient should not wear tight underwear and should be careful about hygiene for one week. Sexual intercourse is forbidden for one month.

Who is a good canddiate for vaginal tightening surgery? How is operation process?

Vaginal tightening surgery is applied to people who feel extensity in the vagina due to delivery or other reasons and who hear voices during sexual intercourse or experience dissatisfaction. If the extensity is not too big, laser contraction is also possible and sometimes contraction is also possible by excising tissue from the posterior of the vagina. The method to be used is decided after the medical examination.

What should be done after vaginal tightening surgery ?

Sexual intercourse is forbidden for one month after the operation. Patients are advised to pay attention to hygiene.

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