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Leg Aesthetics

Who is a good candidate for leg aesthetics?

Leg aesthetics is an aesthetic operation which is applied to the patients who have malformation on the lower legs and who have excessive fat or too much loose skin on the upper legs. The malformation on the lower legs are recovered by fat injection or calf prothesis. The excessive fat on the upper legs is liposuctioned. The loose skin due to weight loss could be treated by tightening the skin.

Is there a scar after the surgery?

The patients who undergo tightening will have a scar which is tried to be hidden on their groin. The patients who have implantation have a 3-4 cm scar behind their knees.

What should the patients who are applied calf protesis pay attention to after the surgery? How is the surgery process?
Calf prothesis surgery is a surgery which lasts about 1 hour, conducted under general anaesthesia and which does not require the patient to stay in hospital. The patients who have calf prothesis should avoid intense exercise and walking. They should wear their special corsets for 1 month.

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