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What is liposuction surgery?

The operation in which fat is suctioned with canullas from the certain parts of the body is called liposuction. The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia. The patient should stay in hospital for one night after the surgery.

Who are the suitable candidates for liposuction?

The patients who are not overweight, who have fat in certain parts of their bodies despite exercise and diet and the ones who want to shape their body and who have a quality skin are the suitable candidates for liposuction. The aim of liposuction is not to help the patient lose weight. It is not advisable for the people who are overwight, who have saggings in their skin and who have excessive inner abdominal fat deposits.

How is the liposuction surgery process?

Depending on the parts of the body it will be applied to, it may last for about 2 hours. It is carried out under general anaesthesia. Tumescent solution consisting of medicine which prevents bleeding and pain is injected to identified parts. After waiting for sometime, the operation is carried out. The patient is clothed a corset after the operation and sent to the hospital room.

What is the difference between vaser liposuction, laser liposuction and classical liposuction ?

With the improvement of technology, the equipment used in liposuction surgery has also advanced. The techniques in which fat is melted and turned into liquid with radio frequency waves are called vaser. Similarly, a technique in which fat is melted and turned into liquid with laser has come into practice. Their difference from the classical liposuction is fat tissue becomes much softer by the help of this equipment and it becomes easier to suction fat tissues from the certain parts of the body. Thanks to these techniques; bleeding, bruises, pain and irregularities are rarer than the classical technique. It is also possible to suction the fat tissue in a more homogeneous way.

Is the result apparent just after the operation? How long is the healing process?

Liposuction is not an operation aimed at weight loss. Weight loss will occur because of suctioning fat out of the body but the main aim is to shape the body. Like in all surgeries, fluid retention is inevitable in liposuction, as well. However, this will decrease in 1-2 months gradually. The shape of the body will be apparent in three months.

What are the important points to pay attention to after the operation?

It is advisable to wear a corset during the six-week period following the operation. In addition to these six weeks, it may be advisable to wear a corset only at nights for another six weeks if need be. The patients should watch their diet and should not gain weight. The patient may have light massages two weeks after the operation and might have a shower two days later. Walking is allowed one week after the operation but doing exercise is allowed one month later.



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