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Augmentation Mamoplasty (Breast Enlargement)

How is augmentation mamoplasty carried out? How is the surgery process?

Augmentation mamoplasty lasts for about one hour and it is carried out under general anaesthesia. The patient stays in hospital for one night after the operation. Special corsets are worn after the operation. The patient may take a shower 2 days after the operation.

How is planning done in augmentation mamoplasty? What types of plans are there to put the implant?

In augmentation mamoplasty, each patient has a unique anatomy such as the width of the breast base, thickness of the breast tissue, whether there is a sagging, or not, whether there is asymmetry on the breasts, and so on. Therefore, first the patients are examined and the basic approaches are identified. Breast protesis are basically placed onto three plans: under the muscle, above the muscle and under the fascia which is on the muscle. Whichever plan is going to be used depends on the anatomy of the patient. Therefore, the patients are informed about this during the examination before the operation.

What is the difference between under the muscle and above the muscle plans?

There are two muscles located on our chest. One of these muscles is big and the other one is small. It is possible to place a prothesis on the big muscle. With the patients whose breast tissue or skin are not thick enough and who have the risk of feeling the prothesis on the breast, under the muscle plan is used. Above the muscle plan is used with the patients who have enough tissues.

How is the breast prothesis chosen?

There are various types of breast prothesis. They are basically grouped as: round and drop-like in terms of their shape, (anatomical), smooth surfaced and texture surfaced in terms of their surface, salin or silicon in terms of their content, and low-medium-high profile in terms of their profile. The types of these implants are decided according to their suitability to the patients’ anatomy and tissue.

Is there surgery scar after the operation?

If the patient is going to have only augmentation mamoplasty, the incision is below the breast, around the areola and on the armpit. After the recovery, a short, thin scar remains but it becomes less visible by time.

What should the patients pay attention to after augmentation mamoplasty?

Antibiotic treatment is given for a week. During the first month, the patient shouldn’t exercise. Especially in under the muscle surgery, during the first three months weighlifting and playing tennis is not advised.

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