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Breast Lifting ( Mastopexy)

What is mastopexy?

Mastopexy is a reshaping surgery of the breast tissues and skin that are sagged due to different reasons.

Which patients are suitable candidates for breast lifting?

This surgery is being performed on the patients whose breast tissue is sagged. Sometimes, fat injection or implants can be applied as well on the patients who have sagging breasts tissue and small breasts.

Is there a scar after breast lifting surgery?

As sagging skin will be removed and sutured again, there will be a scar on the skin. The shape of the scar will be determined according to the patients’ breast shape. It can be an like an inverted T or a lollipop type. The scar will be less visible and have a similar color to the skin by time.

Is pregnancy possible after mastopexy? Are there any problems in breastfeeding?

If the patient who is going to have mastopexy surgery is planning to have a baby in the short run, it is suggested to complete the pregnancy period first. However, if the pregnancy is being planned at a later time, it is suggested not to gain weight to prevent any sagging tissue in breasts. Generally, breast tissue is not harmed in mastopexy. Therefore, breastfeeding is not a problem.

Can mastopexy and breast augmentation surgeries be combined?

Most of the patients who have sagging breasts also have volume loss on their breasts too. Breast implants are used to recover this volume loss. Breast implantation can be done at the same surgery with mastopexy or 3-6 months after the mastopexy surgery.

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