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What is Gynecomasty?

The hypertrophy is the overgrowth of men’s breasts for various reasons. Althoug it may be caused by hormonal reasons (puberty), some medicines (steroids, cardiac etc.), some tumors which produce some hormones, in most cases the reason behind gynecomasty is unknown. It may be one-sided (unilateral) or double-sided (bilateral). It may increase in puberty and then decrease.

What is the treatment for gynecomasty? Is it necessary to use medicine?

Gynecomasty is treated by surgery. There is no medicinal cure for it. Generally, for the healthy skin types, if breasts are not very big, liposuction may be sufficient. For the patients who have overgrown breasts or sagging skin, the skin needs to be removed

What do the patients need to pay attention to after the gynecomasty surgery?

It is recommended to use a corset for a month after the gynecomasty surgery. Intense sportive activities are not recommended. The patient may go for a walk during the first week. Fat deposits may be seen in the breasts if the patient gains too much weight.

Is there a scar after gynecomasty surgery?

The patients who have liposuction only, may have one or two faint scars below each breast. The patients who have skin removal in addition to liposuction have a scar like an inverted T or a lollipop. One month after the surgery, using sunscreen or scar healing cream may reduce the scar.

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