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Redüksiyon Mamoplasty

What is reduction mamoplasty and who is an approprate candidate for the operation?

Reduction mamoplasty is a type of surgery in which specific parts are excised off the breast tissue and thus the size of the breast is reduced and new breast is formed with the remaining tissues. In this surgery, the nipple areola is replaced and the breast is uplifted at the same time. The patients who have back and waist pain and who also suffer from rash under their breasts and the ones who complain about the big size of their breasts and who want to get rid of their weight are the suitable candidates for this type of surgery.

How is reduction mamoplasty planned and is there a scar after reduction mamoplasty?

For the patients who will undergo reduction mamoplasty, the decision of how much the breast tissues will be reduced is decided depending on the size of the breast. Generally, the scar is like an inverted “T”.
This is due to combining the inner and outer parts in the middle line and fixating them onto the breast base while giving the breast its new form after the breast gets smaller.

What is breast pedicule and according to what is the decision made?

Breast pedicule is the tissue through which the blood vessels that provide the circulation of nipple areola go. The main breast pedicules are; inferior (Başlıca meme pedikülleri; inferior, superior, medial, superomedial, lateral, central. The choice of the surgery technique is related to many factors such as the surgeon’s experience, the size of the patient’s breast and the patient’s preference.

What should the patient do before the reduction mamoplasty?

Before the reduction mamoplasty, the patient should have an ultrasound scan and mammography if necessary. If the patient is a smoker, she should quit smoking or cut down on it to a great extent. They should inform their surgeon about the illnesses and medicine they take if there are any. The patients who have breast cancer history in their families, should inform their surgeon about it and they should have their regular check-ups.

How is post-operation process of reduction mamoplasty?

Reduction mamoplasty lasts about 2.5-3 hours. Overnight stay in the hospital is generally enough after the operation. The patients may take a shower 2 days after the operation. They need to wear the corset they are clothed during the operation for 1 month. The patients who smoke should quit or cut down on smoking during the two weeks after the operation.

Can the patients who undergo reduction mamoplasty breast-feed?

If the nipple areola is preserved during the reduction mamoplasty, the patients can breast-feed. Sometimes, 15-20 % of the patients may experience a reduction in the quantity of their milk or delactation. In the technique in which nipple areolais not saved, called “free nipple”, the patients cannot breast-feed because the nipple is not felt. This is decided talking to the patient prior to the surgery.

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