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What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the surgery in which nose shape and respiration problems, if there are any, are treated. As the nose is in the midface and it affects the aesthetic appearance, rhinoplasty is a frequently practiced operation.

How is the rhinoplasty procedure and does it have different types?

Rhinoplasty is carried out under general anaesthesia. Technically, it has two types, which are open surgery and closed surgery.
In the open surgery, a few mms are incised on the front part of the nose called columella and proceeding from this area, some more parts are incised inside the nose. Thus, it is possible to reach nasal dorsum, nasal tip and the nose cartilage which is called septum.
In closed surgery, there is no incision on the columella. There are incisions inside the nose and the same parts are reached through this area. In both the open surgery and closed surgery, the main aim is to treat the structures whose anatomies are distorted such as reducing the excess bones on the dorsum and excess cartilage if there are any, fixing the anatomical problems on the septum cartilage which distorts respiration, bringing the angle of the nose tip to appropriate levels and reshaping the alar base.

Is it possible to see the shape of the operated nose before the operation? What is simulation?
Some patients want to have an idea of their operated nose before the operation by taking photos. It is possible to do this by the help of two or three-dimensional soft ware programs. It is also possible to make differences in the shape of the nose by making changes on the nose with soft ware programs. The important point is these programs are animation programs and they do not reflect the reality. They may approach the reality a bit. This is because human tissue is a mutli-factor and dynamic structure and it is affected by several factors. Therefore, there may be some differences in the simulations.

How long does rhinoplasty last and is it necessary to stay in hospital? How is the post operation process?

The average duration of the operation is 1,5-2 hours. Our patients are taken to the hospital room with silicon splints inside their noses, and tapes and casts on their noses. They stay in hospital overnight. The patients will be discharged from the hospital the following day. The patients will use antibiotics, painkillers, ocean water sprays and antihistaminic tablets to prevent sneezing. Approximately 5 days later, the patients are called back to hospital and their silicon splints and nose casts are removed. After the nose splints are removed, new thin tapes are put on their noses which are going to remain there for 5 or 6 days. The patients may take a shower 2 days after the operation. The tapes on the nose are waterproof.

When do the swellings recover after the operation and when is the final result seen?

Two types of oedema may occur after the rhinoplasty. The first one can be seen on the areas such as supraorbital, cheeks, and forehead in the early stage, sometimes along with bruises and it recovers completely in ten days. The second type is the stage in which the change inside the nose occurs. During the recovery process of the nose, this type of oedema decreases gradually and the nose continuously changes. That’s why the recovery of the nose lasts for one year and the nose takes its ultimate shape in one year. 

What should the patient do after rhinoplasty and how often should the patients see the doctor?

It is advisable not to wear glasses and avoid traumas on the nose during the three-month period after rhinoplasty. The patients may start walking 1 week after the operation and start exercising 1 month later. It is advised not to smoke. In addition, the patients should not use sprays consisting steroids during the first three months. The doctor sees the patient in 1-6 and 12-month intervals after the operation. Some doctors may see the patients at different times.

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