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Upper Eyelid Aesthetics Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Our eyelids are important components of our body which affect our daily
lives to a great extent. They reflect the fatigue impression, old appearance, angry
impression on the face with their relationship between muscles and eyelids.


Upper eyelid surgery could be a suitable surgery option for the people who
suffer from flaccidity and loosening on the eyelid skin and who have a tired
appeance on their eyes, and for the people who experience heaviness and who
feel sleepy while reading.

How long does upper eyelid operation last?
Is it necessary to stay in hospital 
after the operation?

Upper eyelid operation which can be carried out under local anaesthesia lasts nearly
45 minutes or 1 hour. There is no need to stay in hospital after the operation.

What are the role and positionsof the eyebrows of the patients who undergo upper eyelid surgery?

The position of the eyebrows of the patients who undergo upper
eyelid surgery is very important. If the eyebrows are too low, it may give the
impression of the fake excess of the eyelid. In this case, even after the surgery, the
problem won’t be resolved. Therefore, in such cases, the eyebrows should be
elevated and they should be repositioned.

Is there a surgery scar after upper eyelid surgery?

As an excess skin excised and sutured again in the upper eyelid surgery
,there is a surgery scar. However, it is hardly noticeable when the eye is open
because the scar is in the eyelid fold.

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