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Fıller Applıcatıons

Filler application is widespread in cosmetic precedures.

How is filler applied?

It is a simple application which is done after applying an anaesthetic cream on the area it is going to be applied.

How long does the filler applied endure?

Although it may vary from person to person, it may endure between 12 and 18 months.

Is filler application a painful procedure?

Thanks to the anaesthetic cream applied beforehand, it is possible to say that it is not too painful.

When can the patient return to his/her normal life ?

The patient can return to his / her normal life on the same day.

Where can the filler be applied?

It is possible to say that there is no part in the body where filler is not applied. The parts on which it is most frequently applied may be listed as lips, chin, cheeks, cheek bones temporal sides, under-eye area and forehead.

What should the patients be careful about after the filling application?

The patients who have lip filling should avoid hot drinks for a few days. In addition, it is not advised to go to a bathhouse, sauna or to have a hot shower. Massage is not advised unless necessary. To prevent bruises, it is recommended to apply ice in 10-minute intervals during a few hours after the application. Women patients can wear make-up.

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