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Nose Fıller

What is nose filler?

It is an application done with the products prepared by obtaining hyaluronic acid, which naturally exists in our body, in laboratory environments.

Who is an appropriate candidate? Where can it be applied?

Nose fillers are applied to the patients whose nose defects are possible to treat without surgery. The patients who have nasal dorsal defects, nasal tip falls and who have slight asymmetry on their noses are the ideal patients for nose filling.

How long does nose filling application last and when can the patients return to their normal lives?

Local anaesthetic cream is applied on the area nose filler is going to be applied beforehand. After waiting for about 15-20 minutes, the filling application, which last about 5 minutes, is done. The patients can return to their normal lives on the very same day.

How long does nose filler endure? Is re-application necessary?

Like all hyaluronic acid fillings, its endurance may vary between 8 and18 months. My personal experience supports that nose filler endures for a long time. If similar defects are seen on the nose again, the application might be repeated.

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