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Botulınum Toxin Injection (Botulınum Toksin)

Botulinum toxin injection has been a widespread application which can easily be applied in office conditions. How is botulinum toxin injection applied? It is applied in office conditions by applying an anaesthetic cream, in advance. It lasts about 5 minutes and it does not affect the patients’ daily activities. When will the effect of botulinum toxin start? Its effect is seen in approximately 3 -7 days. How long does the effect of botulinum toxin injection last? Its effect may last between 4-6 months. Where can botulinum toxin be applied ? It can be applied to lots of parts such as forehead, glabella, periorbital area, armpit, and palms. What should the patients pay attention to after the botulinum toxin injection? Apart from avoiding lying on the face and wearing too much make-up, there is nothing else to do. Sometimes patients who have very thin skin may have bruises, so they are advised to apply ice.

Wrinkle Treatment

How to do Wrinkle Treatment?Wrinkle treatment is an application that is applied in office conditions, with the application of local anesthetic cream, lasting about 5 minutes and does not affect the daily life of the person. When does Wrinkle Treatment show its effect?The average effect onset is between 3-7 days. How long does the effect of Wrinkle Treatment last?The average varies between 4-6 months. Where is Wrinkle Treatment?Eye area, forehead, eyebrow, armpit, palms can be applied to many areas, such as. What should be paid attention to after the application of Wrinkle Treatment?There is nothing to be considered except for a few hours not to face, and not to over-massage. Sometimes very thin-skinned patients may be bruised because ice application is recommended.

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